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Zero-risk Bias
- Preferring Total Risk Elimination

Zero-risk bias describes the preference for completely eliminating a risk over reducing it, even when the reduction would result in a greater overall decrease in risk. This can lead to decisions that prioritize the elimination of minor risks at the expense of addressing more significant, but less absolute, risks. In product development, this might manifest in features or policies that offer complete safeguards against minor issues, potentially diverting resources from more effective, comprehensive risk management strategies.

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Product example

A finance app might introduce a feature that guarantees no fraudulent transactions, which could lead users to overlook the broader and more impactful aspects of financial security.

Empathy tips


Promote Understanding of Risk Management

Educate users on the principles of comprehensive risk management, highlighting the trade-offs involved in focusing on zero risk.


Balanced Feature Development

Develop features that offer a balanced approach to risk, addressing both minor and significant risks effectively.


User Education on Risk Perception

Provide educational content to help users understand their perceptions of risk versus actual risk levels.


Feedback Mechanisms for Risk Concerns

Implement feedback mechanisms for users to express their risk concerns, using this data to inform development priorities.

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