Hello start-up enthusiast!

Hello start-up enthusiast!

At aeo, we're not just design advisors; we're strategic partners committed to turning your visions into reality. We excel in lifting startups, navigating budget constraints without sacrificing quality, and we're hands-on with every challenge.

Strategic product development

We bridge the gap between your vision and its execution. Through our workshops, we align stakeholders and product teams, clarifying objectives and streamlining the path from concept to market-ready product.

Quality assurance for branding

We meticulously evaluate every aspect of your branding. From logo and typeface to colour schemes, ensuring the tone of voice not only stand out but resonate deeply with your target audience.

UX/UI leadership

Our guidance goes beyond aesthetics; we delve into the user experience, steering your design team towards interfaces that are not just visually appealing but intuitively functional, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. We work a lot about with the culture in the team. We believe in the importance of creating an atmosphere where we work better together and grow.

The glue between stakeholders and delivery

We excel as the connective glue between your ideas and their implementation. By fostering clear communication and mutual understanding, we ensure that every decision reflects both stakeholder aspirations and market demands.

The team

Anna Lundqvist portrait
Anna Lundqvist
UX Designer and AI Ethics Strategist guiding innovative product development and educational workshops
Eddy Salzmann portrait
Eddy Salzmann
Design lead and team culture enthusiast driving products and design processes
Ola Möller portrait
Ola Möller
Founder of MethodKit who has a passion for organisations and seeing the big picture
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What we do

FacilitateWe help you find direction and align your group.(Culture dev, team dev, buz dev)
Make toolsWe create tools and ways to help you work better.(Method dev, project management)
Create solutionsWe prototype and help you get stuff off the ground.(Strategy, Ideas, UX/UI design, dev)
Define ways of working
Understand the problem
Empower the team
Work more effectively
Build design culture
Design processes
Implement the solution
See the big picture
Boost ideas
Analyse processes
Setting up systems
Methods & Processes