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Welcome to aeo, where we transform business visions into successes. Our blend of creativity and technical expertise makes us your ideal partner for bringing innovative concepts to life. Discover our unique approach to design thinking and collaboration.

Anna Lundqvist portrait
Anna Lundqvist
UX & Product Designer, creative visionary, and globe-trotter with over 13 years dedicated to crafting meaningful digital experiences. Anchored in Stockholm and Berlin, her journey has spanned continents, from Rwanda and Uganda to the USA, broadening her perspective and refining her approach to user-centered design. Anna’s work is a symphony of deep passion and steadfast commitment to accessibility and inclusion, with the aim of developing products that are not just innovative but universally beneficial. Her portfolio is a testament to this dedication, showcasing collaborations with leading brands like Spotify, H&M, and ICA, and partnerships with top-tier agencies such as Doberman, AKQA, and DDB. Anna's favorite tool, LEGO Serious Play, sees her excel as a facilitator, leading workshops in product, team, and personal development. Beyond her professional endeavors, Anna is deeply invested in lifelong learning and teaching. She is a frequent lecturer at Hyper Island and Berghs School of Communication, where she shares her professional experiences and insights. Through her work with Mentor Sweden, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering teenagers mainly in the suburbs, she extends her impact as a mentor in both in-person and online sessions. Complementing her practical expertise, Anna enriches her knowledge with university courses in Cognitive Psychology, Digital Ethnography, Ethics, and AI, weaving these diverse insights into her work.
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Eddy Salzmann portrait
Eddy Salzmann
Eddy Salzmann is a maestro of design, harmonizing innovation, human behavior, and communication to navigate the digital frontier. With a solid academic background in sociology and a rhythmic approach inspired by his musical endeavors, he guides businesses through the complexities of the digital landscape with unmatched insight and creativity. Boasting over 15 years of pivotal roles across various organizations, Eddy has not only spurred significant growth but has also made lasting contributions to the design community. His leadership transcends the tangible designs he creates; it resonates in the vibrant teams he's built, the emerging talent he's fostered, and the designers he's mentored towards remarkable growth. In his dual role as a strategist and hands-on designer at aeo, Eddy is at the forefront of projects that not only challenge the norms but set new standards in digital experiences. His work, marked by innovation and impact, has earned numerous accolades, showcasing his commitment to excellence in design. Eddy's unique blend of strategic thinking and creative execution embodies aeo's mission to empower businesses and elevate the digital experience.
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Ola Möller portrait
Ola Möller
Ola is pioneering the development of innovative tools and training programs, collaborating with esteemed organizations like DW Akademie on podcasting, Code for Africa in establishing fact-checking desks, and F1RST Foundation to enhance student career counseling. Ola brings over a decade of experience from his time at MethodKit, where he created over 60 tools designed to facilitate mapping, brainstorming, and fostering unity around various topics. His work has significantly involved mapping out the shared language used within different fields, leading to successful collaborations with UN-Habitat, Deutsche Welle Akademie, Hyper Island, and even the Swedish Ministry for Peace and Security and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. From 2019 to 2023, Ola's focus on local engagement saw him working closely with Stockholm-based organizations such as Folkets Husby, Kompis Sverige, and The Good Talents. These collaborations aimed at discovering new educational methodologies, community-building techniques, and creating local impact. Looking ahead, Ola is set to concentrate on developing tools for new topics and organizations over the next five years. His aspirations include delving deeper into education, systems thinking to simplify complex issues like environmental challenges or politics, research, method development, and design.
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