Who Are We Now?

10-40 people

Looking for a fun icebreaker or energizer? This activity is perfect for generating laughter and boosting energy levels, while also helping to release stress and shed societal roles and status.

Workshop steps


Steps to follow: 1. Gather participants in a circular formation. 2. Clearly inform participants to perform actions based on your directions.


When directed, perform the following actions: "Insta Model" - Strike an Instagram model pose immediately. The two participants next to you (one on each side) should pretend to be photographers and mimic taking photos. "Elephant" - Quickly pose as an elephant by holding your hands together in front of you as a trunk. The two participants next to you should create circles with their hands and place them beside you as the elephant's "ears." "Jello" - Shake your body like jello continuously. The two participants next to you should form a circle around you, acting as a "container" for the jello. "Daisy" - You and the participants next to you should freeze and remain motionless.


Anticipate that individuals may become perplexed and commit errors. These blunders can create amusement and enjoyment. To add a competitive element to the activity, eliminate participants who make an error (including the person indicated and the two adjacent players) from the game.

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