What's in the Bag?

10-40 people

Looking for a fun icebreaker or energizer? Try "What's in the bag?" This activity is a great way to engage participants and help them get to know each other. By asking everyone to step into the space together, it creates a sense of unity. Teams can earn points for any items they have that are called out.

Workshop steps


Before the Activity: 1. The facilitator should prepare a list of 10 items that people might have in their bags. 2. Include 7 common items, such as: - a black (or silver, rosegold, etc.) phone - an eco-friendly water bottle - a hair tie - a pen - lip balm - a laptop with at least one sticker - someone else's business card - a train ticket, etc. 3. Add 3 unusual items to the list, like: - a decorative stone - a skeleton key - a Rubik's cube - a candle - a yellow sharpie, etc.


Separate the participants into groups of 3-6 individuals and instruct them to take their bags or backpacks. Provide them with a sheet of paper and a pen to record their accumulated points.


The Facilitator announces various items individually. If you possess the item, remove it from your bag and stand up. Each item the group has earns the team one point. For any unusual item, the team receives 3 points. Only 1 of each item per person is considered, and the team with the highest points wins. Items people carry with them, such as in their pocket, can be counted. Feel free to modify the items list.


The one with the highest points will be the winner!

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