What are you doing?

10-40 people

This drama game is easy to play. Participants take turns asking each other "What are you doing?" and then act out their responses. Despite its simplicity, the game stimulates the imagination and encourages participants to step out of their comfort zone by miming a variety of actions.

Workshop steps


Form a circle with the group members.


Have one person step into the circle and start acting out an action, like brushing hair or frying an egg. They keep going until someone else from the group joins them in the circle and asks, "What are you doing?" The first person then describes a completely different action, like "I'm playing hockey." The second person starts miming the new action. Keep going until most or all members have had a turn in the center. Encourage everyone to be imaginative with their actions.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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