Ways to Grow Framework

2-40 people

The Ways to Grow Framework provides a fast and easy-to-grasp method for gauging the level of complexity involved in implementing your design solutions. This activity enables you to determine whether your ideas involve building upon or modifying existing offerings, or creating something entirely new. Additionally, you can clarify whether your solutions are geared towards your current user base or if they have the potential to attract a new group of users. By comparing your solutions, you can quickly identify which ones your organization has the resources, personnel, and ability to undertake.

Workshop steps


Create a 2x2 matrix on a big piece of paper. Label the vertical axis as "novelty of offering" and the horizontal axis as "users." Place completely new offerings above the horizontal axis and existing ones below it. Position ideas targeting new users to the right of the vertical axis and those impacting existing users to the left.


First, jot down your ideas on Post-it notes and place them on the map. Groundbreaking concepts that draw in new users should be positioned in the top right quadrant. Smaller, incremental ideas that build upon current services should be placed below the horizontal axis.


Examine the range of solutions, from small improvements to groundbreaking ideas. If numerous revolutionary concepts emerge, assess your organization's readiness for them. If the ideas mainly focus on incremental changes, consider whether you've pushed your ideas to their full potential or if any evident incremental offerings are missing. Revisit the brainstorming process with your team to fill any gaps.


Numerous organizations claim to value groundbreaking ideas, but frequently, gradual improvements can lead to significant results. Carefully consider what your organization can feasibly accomplish and what will be most advantageous for your users. Explore the Capabilities Quicksheet for a more in-depth understanding of implementing your concepts effectively.

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