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For centuries, people have believed that walking can boost creativity. Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher from 1889, even wrote that "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." Recent research from Stanford University has confirmed this belief, showing that walking outside can lead to almost three times as many creative ideas compared to sitting indoors. This easy activity can be done alone or in a group, making it a great way to kickstart a workshop or project, or to overcome a creative block.

Workshop steps


Print the directions dice or, if unable to print, recreate the design by hand. Then, simply glue or tape it together.


Begin your walk by utilizing the directional dice. Despite the limited space, explore your surroundings with a fresh perspective.


Toss the die to determine the direction you should go. Observe and identify something new in your surroundings. Explore your current environment and search for an unnoticed detail.


Create a list of things you notice. Document your walk through writing, photos, or drawings.


When doing the activity in a group, encourage everyone to discuss their experiences and observations about the activity.


Contemplate Allocate time to ponder on the outcomes. Consider these contemplation suggestions (and create your own): What do you observe? What do you feel? What's developing? What should we cease doing? What should we initiate doing? By what deadline? Anything else?

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