User Day-parting

2-10 people

This activity promotes a product and service innovation approach that is centered on the user. Teams are tasked with creating a fictional persona, mapping out their daily routine, and identifying the obstacles they face. Based on this information, teams brainstorm new products or services that could address these challenges. The most promising ideas are then quickly sketched or prototyped and presented for feedback.

Workshop steps


Tell the teams the goal of the activity: "We will create a product or service tailored for a particular individual by examining their typical day." Provide each team with multiple flipchart papers and instruct them to position the paper horizontally and sketch a timeline in the center. Label one end as 07:00 and the opposite end as 24:00.


Assign a persona to each group or have them create one in a corner of the paper. They need to consider the person's name, location, job, family, and interests. This activity should only take 5-10 minutes.


Instruct the teams to utilize the space above the timeline to outline a regular day for their persona. They can either use sticky notes or write on the paper itself. Motivate the groups to work efficiently and imaginatively, incorporating numerous daily events. Allocate 5-10 minutes for this activity.


Now, groups must utilize the space beneath the timeline for brainstorming their persona's digital touchpoints. Consider the technologies and apps they engage with daily, as well as their locations and reasons for usage. Allocate 5-10 minutes for this activity.


Next, have groups spend a few minutes pinpointing the major difficulties or obstacles they face throughout the day. Ask them to consider what their persona struggles with, what tasks consume too much time, and where they experience frustration. Encourage groups to list as many pain points as they can, and then highlight the most significant ones to focus on. Allocate 5-10 minutes for this activity.


Next, request them to investigate ways they can enhance their persona's life by alleviating pain. How can they boost efficiency and joy? What product or service can they develop to tackle pain points? Allow them 10-15 minutes to generate ideas.


Instruct the teams to select a single product or service idea for further development. They must assign a name to the new concept, outline the issue it addresses, and explain its functionality. Teams should visually depict and describe the concept on flipchart paper. Allocate approximately 20 minutes for this task.


Now, each team must present their ideas to the group. If time permits, we can have a brief feedback session following each presentation.


End the session by briefly reflecting on the learnings to extract valuable insights.

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