This n’ That

2-40 people

Connecting things is the essence of creativity. To exercise your creative mind with a straightforward concept mash-up, try this out. The more you practice, the more proficient you'll become at one of the essential abilities that generate fresh ideas: merging elements. Dave Birss has created an uncomplicated online tool that enables you to identify random objects that can serve as the foundation for your creative amalgamation.

Workshop steps


Visit Dave Birss' website and navigate to the "This n' That" tool for an easy-to-use automated mash-up experience.


Upon visiting the site, you'll instantly see two recognizable items. Your task is to generate a minimum of three unique ideas by merging these items. Aim for concepts that you haven't encountered previously.


It might be simpler for you to illustrate your thoughts rather than describing them verbally. Choose the method that suits you best.


After generating a minimum of three ideas using the provided prompts, click the 'Go Again' button to receive new prompts. Repeat this exercise multiple times and identify any valuable ideas worth developing.


When collaborating with a team, engage in a round of idea exchange. Encourage participants to choose their top and bottom ideas without revealing their preferences. This approach allows for the exploration of unconventional ideas, which others might find potential in developing further.


Conclude with a Reflection Exercise We suggest ending the activity by engaging all participants in a straightforward reflection exercise, allowing them to contemplate their feelings during the activity and discuss any revelations about creativity and the creative process.

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