The Viking

10-40 people

This group activity involves standing in a circle and performing a sequence of energetic physical movements, passing them on to the next person. If a player falters or errs, they are out of the game, while the rest continue. The game fosters a sense of merriment and joviality among the participants.

Workshop steps


Form a circle with everyone. Begin with one individual yelling 'MJOLNER!!' and making an angry expression, creating a downward "O" shape with both arms, and bending their knees. Then, have the rest of the group imitate the action and the yell.


Begin the game by having the MJOLNER-initiator air-punch their neighbor to the left or right while loudly exclaiming "HUH." The receiver then mimics this action in the same direction. The next person can either continue the pattern or throw an imaginary spell at any group member by raising their hands above their head, pretending to throw something, and shouting "TUNGUR KNIVUR!" The targeted person can either respond with "HUH" or "TUNGUR KNIVUR!" or reject the spell by raising their hands to form a roof shape and yelling "PAKKA PER!" If a player hesitates or uses incorrect words, they are eliminated from the game. Once a player is out, anyone can restart the game by shouting "MJOLNER!" The last person remaining is declared the winner.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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