The Shouting Game

10-40 people

In this easy group activity, players form a circle and take turns selecting someone to gaze at, with the goal of avoiding eye contact. If two players lock eyes, they must shout and quickly step back, resulting in their elimination. This game is a great way to inject some fun and liveliness into a group, and is sure to elicit plenty of laughter.

Workshop steps


Form a circle with the group, standing side by side, ensuring everyone can see each other's eyes. Inform them that you'll be giving two recurring instructions: "heads down" and "heads up." When you say "heads down," everyone should look at their feet.


Say "heads up" and have everyone look up, staring at another person's head in the circle. Two outcomes can occur: if a person looks at someone who's not looking back, nothing happens; if two people look at each other, they must point dramatically at each other and loudly scream or yell. The screaming pair is "out" and watches from outside the circle. The circle then tightens and repeats the process until only two remain. The final pair must do it once more, even though the result is predictable.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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