Telling Our Stories

2-40 people

In order for team members to collaborate efficiently, they must establish relationships, demonstrate trust, and maintain open communication. This approach facilitates these aspects by utilizing a structured storytelling process. Team members respond to prompts regarding their childhood, young adulthood, and current experiences, and then incorporate them into a narrative to share with their colleagues.

Workshop steps


Discuss the goal of this activity: to emphasize the significance of trust and openness in teams for productive collaborations. By exchanging personal experiences, we aim to strengthen these connections. Ensure everyone understands that sharing is voluntary and not obligatory. If applicable, engage the group in a conversation about the relevance of these concepts, possibly mentioning the Johari Window theory found in the toolbox.


Instruct the participants to gather three distinct colored post-it notes and a pen. Encourage them to disperse throughout the room and locate a comfortable spot. Inform them that there will be three rounds of questions, with each round lasting approximately 5-7 minutes. They should write their answers to the questions on the post-it notes, one answer per note.


Begin with the first round focused on childhood. Follow these simple steps: 1. Select a colored post-it. 2. Jot down your responses without overthinking: - Recall a moment when you experienced happiness. - Remember someone who was significant to you. - Describe an instance where you underwent a transformation or gained a fresh perspective about yourself or the world. 3. (Optional) Consider answering other related questions.


For the second round, focus on your young adulthood. Choose a different color of post-it and consider: 1. A passion that brought you fulfillment. 2. A situation or person that contributed to your growth. 3. A challenging situation you faced. (Optionally, explore other related questions...)


For the last round, concentrate on the present moment. Follow these steps: 1. Pick a fresh color. 2. Write down a motivating factor in your life. 3. Describe an instance where you discovered your hidden skill. 4. Share a failure, personal or professional, that taught you a valuable lesson. (Feel free to add more related questions if desired.)


Allow the group 10 minutes to examine their post-its and arrange them on a flip-chart in any way they prefer. Encourage them to use a marker for adding words or symbols. While they don't need to use all post-its, they should aim to create an engaging and visual presentation. Inform them that they will each have 4 minutes to share their story.


Once everyone is prepared or after 10 minutes have passed, assemble the group in a horseshoe formation. Encourage participants to present their stories individually at the front. If time permits, allow the group to ask questions following each story.

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