Sync Claps

10-40 people

The circle exercise is a straightforward yet demanding activity that can effectively enhance focus and alignment within a group. To begin, participants form a circle and pass a clap around it. This involves two members clapping their hands simultaneously. The goal is to increase the speed of the clap while maintaining synchronization. The exercise becomes more challenging when the "double clap" is introduced and the clap changes direction.

Workshop steps


Form a circle with the group members.


First, Person A initiates the activity. They face Person B, and both clap simultaneously while maintaining eye contact, aiming for perfect synchronization. Next, Person B repeats the process with Person C. Continue this pattern around the circle. The group should strive to increase the speed while maintaining as many flawlessly synchronized claps as possible.


Once the team has successfully completed the previous task, bring in the double clap element. Now, when a duo claps two times, the clap's direction changes. This adds difficulty, as partners need to silently decide to clap either one or two times. To keep the clap flowing seamlessly around the circle, the group must maintain strong focus and pay close attention to one another in this phase.

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