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Creating a great Storyboard doesn't require exceptional artistic skills. By visually mapping out the components of your product or service, you can gain valuable insights into your idea. This approach not only helps you refine your concept, but also uncovers its potential users, locations, and usage scenarios. As with any prototype, the goal is to create a rough draft that aids in idea development. The act of putting pen to paper can reveal surprising revelations.

Workshop steps


Together with a partner, decide which aspect of your prototype you want to focus on. Instead of storyboarding the whole offering, use this opportunity to test a single element of your idea, such as an interaction or the way a customer discovers your product.


Allocate just 30-45 minutes to illustrate your ideas by creating a sequence of comic book-style frames. This approach will emphasize crucial moments and develop a concise narrative.


Avoid focusing on your drawing skills. Prioritize thoroughly understanding your concept rather than creating a visually appealing piece.


After completing the task, perform the storyboard for your team to receive their feedback.

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