Staff Your Project

2-40 people

The approach in this phase is comparable to building a team during the Inspiration Phase, but with a more focused approach. While a diverse team was useful for generating innovative ideas, during Implementation, you require specialized expertise, technical skills, external collaborators, and financial support. It may be appropriate for some team members to leave the project while others join at this point.

Workshop steps


As you prepare for launch, identify the key team members needed during the Implementation Phase. Refer to your Capabilities Quicksheet and list the crucial skills required for successful implementation. Next, prioritize the list, placing the highest priority skills at the top.


Examine your current team. Assess if you have the necessary staff to provide new or improved services. Determine if you need a specific skill, such as a business designer, manufacturing specialist, or healthcare expert. Ensure you have the required measurement expertise to execute your M&E plan effectively.


Is it time to hire a project manager since the Inspiration and Ideation Phases have concluded?


Do you need to collaborate with any organizations or secure funding? Is it necessary to obtain approval from managers or officials to execute your plan? Ensure you allocate sufficient time for these tasks in your Roadmap to Success.


Implementing may be time-consuming, so consider who you need currently and who you'll require when you reach the market.

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