Share Inspiring Stories

2-40 people

During the Inspiration Phase, you may have come across stories or experiences that left a lasting impression on you. While they may not provide the perfect solution to your design challenge, they are likely to resonate with your team members. Share these inspiring stories with your team to create a shared consciousness. The aim is to create a collection of stories that your team can draw upon, share, and retell. By capturing these ideas and emotions and incorporating them into your team's narrative, you can benefit everyone involved in the project.

Workshop steps


Attach a big sheet of paper on the wall to gather all the team's sticky notes and thoughts from the story in a single spot.


Share captivating experiences from the field with your teammates. Aim to be detailed (discussing actual events) and vivid (incorporating sensory elements in your description). Provide information on who, what, when, where, why, and how. Encourage each teammate to narrate their own inspiring stories.


While hearing your teammates' stories, take notes and record observations on Post-its. Write clear and comprehensive sentences that are easily understood by all team members. Include quotes, personal background, family information, income, goals, obstacles, and any other noteworthy observations.


Ensure your writing is big enough for everyone to read your notes. Next, place all the Post-its on the wall and arrange them into distinct categories based on the people your team interviewed and the locations your team visited.


Once the story sharing is complete, you'll see numerous sheets on the wall filled with countless Post-it notes. As a group, take this collective information and start envisioning potential opportunities and solutions.

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