Rollercoaster Check-In

2-40 people

The use of a playful approach can result in a strong collective understanding of the emotions within a group. Checking-in is an uncomplicated technique that can be employed by a team to initiate a meeting, workshop, or activity. This alternative version, which utilizes the rollercoaster metaphor, encourages participants to view their emotions from a fresh perspective. Individuals position themselves at various points on the rollercoaster and articulate their primary emotion at present.

Workshop steps


Assemble the team in a semi-circle formation around a flipchart or whiteboard. If needed, clarify the purpose of a check-in, emphasizing its significance in gauging the group's emotional state and addressing any worries, issues, or requirements. Highlight that this approach allows for a fun and visual exploration of the entire group's emotions.


Create a wavy line on the whole flipchart/whiteboard, imitating a simple rollercoaster with loops, steep and shallow parts.


Let's each take turns drawing ourselves on a rollercoaster, showing our current emotions. Afterward, we'll share our feelings with the group. We can go in order around the horseshoe or randomly.


Allocate an appropriate amount of time for each participant, ranging from a single word to 5-10 minutes.


Once everyone has checked in, if time permits, gather the whole group to view the rollercoaster together and encourage sharing and discussing any emerging thoughts.

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