Role Play

2-40 people

A Role Play prototype is a simple yet effective way to showcase your idea, experience, or product to your target audience. It can be easily created and tested with your design team before presenting it to the public. By assuming the roles of the characters in your skit, you can gain valuable insights and improve your design before taking it outside the office.

Workshop steps


The primary objective of creating a prototype is to transform an idea into a tangible form that can generate feedback, be it from you, your team, a collaborator, or the target audience.


Choose the concept you'd like to role play, and allocate the required roles to your team members.


Allocate 30 minutes to identify the required roles, assign them to individuals, and define the testing objective—whether it's examining a specific interaction, gauging a person's reaction to a product, or assessing the success of a sales pitch.


Incorporate costumes and props to enhance your Role Play experience. Avoid spending too much time on them, but aim for a more realistic prototype. Remember, even a few details can significantly contribute to making a Role Play seem authentic.

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