Roadmap for Success

2-40 people

If you have a concept that you're excited about and have already tested, it's time to develop a plan for its implementation. A Roadmap will help you bring together all the important stakeholders in your project to create a timeline and assign responsibilities for each aspect of the project. You'll identify crucial milestones for your solution and establish what success means at different stages of the implementation process.

Workshop steps


Gather your design team, key partners, and staff in charge of executing your solution. They possess essential information for implementation that you might not be aware of.


Create a large calendar for the upcoming year or 18 months to plan important tasks and deadlines. Begin by adding Post-it notes with crucial dates like a Pilot launch, go-to-market date, and more. To avoid getting overwhelmed, break down your calendar into smaller segments. Ask yourself: What needs to be done in the next month? In three months? In a year?


Determine the different work tracks required for the project. Complete the Staff Your Project, Capabilities Quicksheet, and Funding Strategy tasks at this stage. Use Post-its on the calendar to easily recognize each work track.


For every significant milestone in your project, envision what success appears like at that point. Consider success concerning your organization's operations, business model, and the target audience. Keep in mind any external success indicators that may be relevant. Think about whether funders or partners will require you to meet specific standards. Incorporate the indicators from your Monitor and Evaluate activity or Business Model Canvas into your roadmap.


When placing Post-its on the calendar, allocate a team member or partner to each work track. Ensure someone takes responsibility for every aspect of your project, including monitoring and reporting on milestones. Be ready to hold them accountable for their tasks.

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