Resource Flow

2-40 people

During an interview, you can attempt a Resource Flow activity. This involves creating a visual or written record of all the resources that enter a household and how they are utilized. It's important to note that resources aren't limited to money and should include items such as livestock, seeds, and labor. Additionally, not all transactions may be perceived as payments, such as obligatory giving, charity, and family care, but should still be accounted for.

Workshop steps


Check whether any of the interviewees are interested in drawing. If they are, allow them to do so. Otherwise, feel free to do it yourself.


Create a list or sketch of all sources of income for your household. Keep in mind that assets aren't always in the form of cash.


Create a list or illustration of all the expenses that reduce your household income.


Begin by inquiring about their observations. Identify the priciest purchase, the indispensable item, and the expense that always exceeds the budget. Request the individual you're designing for to prioritize both income and expenses based on value. Determine the regularity of their financial inflows and outflows. Utilize these lists to gain a comprehensive understanding of their financial situation.


An excellent supplementary action is to organize these inputs and outputs on a calendar. You may discover that money arrives all at once but needs to be disbursed gradually. Alternatively, even if you're not conversing with a farmer, their income could be linked to an agricultural cycle.

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