Reflection: Team

2-40 people

Purpose: Team reflection aims to encourage team members to share their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about a shared experience. This helps to foster openness and trust within the team and identify key learnings and insights that can be applied to improve future outcomes. The process involves individual reflection followed by sharing with the group. This allows for the emergence of valuable insights and learning that can be used to enhance future performance. This session can be conducted multiple times throughout the year, a project, or program.

Workshop steps


Establish a comfortable, peaceful, and silent area for the session. Begin with a check-in to help participants feel engaged and concentrated. For in-person sessions, arrange team members in a circle or "U" shape.


For the first time doing this exercise, begin by explaining the purpose of team reflection and provide guidelines for an effective group experience. Encourage participants to express themselves using "I-statements" (I feel, I think, I noticed, I learned, etc.) and avoid generalizations like "we", "everybody", and "some people". Remind everyone to practice active listening when others are speaking. Introduce techniques and behaviors that promote team reflection, such as Active Listening, Being Present, Appreciating diverse viewpoints, Listening for understanding, Learning by Doing, and valuing the Team. Optional: Write these supporting behaviors on a whiteboard (or virtual whiteboard) and engage in a brief discussion with the team members to address any concerns or misunderstandings.


Determine the context of this reflection session. Present these reflection questions and display them on a whiteboard, flipchart, or through a virtual tool (e.g., virtual whiteboard) for easy visibility: What occurred during the experience? How did I feel and what were my responses? What understanding or conclusions can I gather from the experience? What did I learn? How can I use what I learned to enhance future experiences? What steps can I take based on my learnings?


Request team members to individually ponder over the questions in silence for 5-10 minutes while noting down their thoughts. If suitable, play soothing music in the background.


Once the designated time has passed, divide the participants into small groups of 3-5 people and ask them to share their thoughts with one another. *For online sessions, utilize breakout rooms. Allocate 15-20 minutes for this activity and remind everyone to make sure each person has an opportunity to express themselves. This is a chance for speakers to communicate their ideas and for listeners to focus on understanding. Listeners should only ask questions for clarification, avoiding any intrusive inquiries.


Gather the entire group once again. Ask team members to take turns sharing their thoughts, either in a structured manner or randomly. Urge them to express their emotions, not just their ideas.


Once the time has elapsed or it seems appropriate to conclude, bring the session to a close. Express gratitude to the team members for their involvement and contribution. If desired, carry out a brief check-out, such as asking, "Does anyone have any final thoughts before we proceed?" Ensure they have a brief pause prior to the following task.

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