Reflection: Individual

2-10 people

Individual reflection serves the purpose of breaking down intricate experiences, enabling one to replicate or enhance the successes and learn from the failures for personal growth. The reflection process is adaptable, guiding you through crucial stages and culminating in actionable steps.

Workshop steps


This is a solo activity. You'll be guiding your own self-reflection. Begin by setting up the proper physical and mental environment for reflection. Complete any urgent tasks. Send crucial emails. If you can, find a quiet place.


Pause and assess your emotions: What are my feelings? How did my day go? What thoughts are occupying my mind? Spend a little time to be fully present in the moment. Choose a specific experience to concentrate on during your reflection (e.g., a recent occurrence, a social interaction, or a notable event).


Consider using a pen and paper to jot down your thoughts, avoiding distractions from electronic devices. If you're pressed for time, set a timer for each question below: 1. Describe the events of the experience. 2. Share your feelings and reactions. 3. Identify insights, conclusions, and lessons learned. 4. Determine how to apply these lessons for a better future experience and outline actionable steps based on your learnings.


When applicable, assign deadlines to each action identified during your reflections and inform a coworker. This coworker can help you stay accountable and ensure you complete the tasks.

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