Quantify Yourself

2-40 people

Curiosity and empathy can drive creativity beyond just observing others. With advancing technologies, we can now track and monitor our own behaviors, revealing the invisible and unlocking creativity. Experimenting with these tools can help us reflect on their potential as part of our creative toolbox. This activity aims to explore the potential of tracking tools to uncover new insights about ourselves and our behaviors, and to incorporate data outputs into the creative thinking and doing process for individuals and teams.

Workshop steps


Explore the Quantify Yourself article or check out this latest Product Hunt app list to select an app for download and begin tracking your progress over a specific time frame. Pick an app that you believe will maintain your interest and encourage you to continue using it for a while, preferably at least a week. If you're participating in this activity with a group, consider choosing various tools to provide a diverse selection of apps for evaluation later on.


Request participants to install and configure the chosen app or tool for the trial. They might need to sign up using their email. Establish a specific time frame for testing the tool.


Give the participants the agreed time period to use their chosen tool for the experience. Encourage them to think and reflect during the process, and if possible, capture and record their experience to share with others later.


At the end of the period, have participants analyze their lifelogging data and reflect on key themes. Then, ask them to prepare and deliver a 2-minute presentation on their findings. Encourage them to consider the following points: 1. The What: Identify the tool used, the type of data captured, the user experience, and any insights about human behavior gained from the experiment. 2. The How: Describe the feelings experienced during the experiment, potential future uses for the tool and its data, and how the experience and data could inspire creativity. 3. Consequences: Discuss the implications of increased tracking of personal and collective behavior using tracking technologies, and how individuals and organizations might adapt their behaviors and desires in both positive and negative ways as a result.


Conclusion Once all presentations are completed, gather everyone in the group. Ask participants to spend five minutes thinking about these questions individually: - How did you find this experience overall? - In terms of creativity, what does it mean to: - Step out of your comfort zone? - Use digital tools to discover new aspects about ourselves and others? - Incorporate data and observations about ourselves and others in the creative process? After the individual reflection, encourage participants to discuss their thoughts with the entire group.

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