Project Mid-way Evaluation

2-10 people

The technique is beneficial in assessing an ongoing project to determine if any modifications are necessary to enhance team collaboration. It establishes a structure for dialogue, with participants concentrating on factors that facilitate or impede the team's progress and devising strategies for enhancement.

Workshop steps


Assemble the team near a flipchart, whiteboard, or digital whiteboard. Provide pens and sticky notes to each member. For online sessions, ensure everyone can jot down ideas on virtual sticky notes.


Draw one of the following illustrations on a flipchart, whiteboard, or virtual whiteboard. Each option is effective but will produce slightly different outcomes: - Sketch a boat with a sail and an anchor. The sail symbolizes factors propelling the project, while the anchor signifies obstacles. - Design a wheel divided into five sections labeled: stop, start, continue, do more, do less. - Create three columns titled: mad (with an angry face); sad (sad face); glad (happy face).


Request team members to place sticky notes on the flipchart, whiteboard, or virtual whiteboard, containing words for each category, independently and quietly. Allocate a flexible time frame, ideally between 5-10 minutes.


Now, they must group the sticky notes within each category, recognizing duplicates, patterns, and overlaps.


After organizing the notes, the team should engage in a discussion about the findings. Consider the following questions: - Are there any surprises? - What common themes exist? - Have we encountered this before? - What are our feelings about the results? Aim for a 15-20 minute discussion, staying focused on the topic. Avoid generalizations and finger-pointing among team members. The objective is to have a productive and concise conversation about the progress thus far.


After concluding the discussion, the team must establish specific actions. Make sure to document them, distribute among team members and relevant stakeholders, and set a deadline for completion.

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