Personal Presentations

2-40 people

This exercise involves each participant creating a personal presentation about themselves, highlighting significant experiences, events, people, or stories that have influenced their personal growth. The aim of these presentations is to foster a deeper understanding of each other as individuals, and to promote trust and openness within the group by expanding the social circle.

Workshop steps


Every participant should create their own brief presentation, focusing on "3 elements (experiences, events, people, stories) that have played a role in forming who I am today." Use words and symbols to illustrate the presentation on a single flip-chart paper. Allow participants approximately 15-20 minutes to complete this task.


Presentations: Give each participant 3 minutes (or more, depending on time and group size) to share their presentation with everyone. Promote concentration and attentive listening.


For smaller groups with no time constraints, facilitators can encourage group members to ask questions right after each individual's presentation.

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