Peers Observing Peers

2-40 people

During the Inspiration Phase, you will interact with many individuals. However, it is possible to empower the people you are designing for by allowing them to conduct some of the research themselves and share their findings with you. It is important to note that social and gender dynamics, as well as sensitive topics such as sexual health, may limit the amount of information they are willing to disclose. By involving them as research partners and providing them with the necessary tools to document their attitudes, opinions, and aspirations, you will gain a deeper understanding than you could on your own.

Workshop steps


Several methods can help you engage the individual you're designing for in observing and documenting their peers and community. Begin by deciding on your preferred learning approach, such as conducting interviews, taking photos, creating collages, or using card sorts.


Provide the individual you're designing for with the necessary items - such as a camera, art supplies, or a notebook and pen - and guide them through the process of observing and reporting.


Provide assistance during the observation and reporting stages. Ensure she understands that there are no correct answers and that you simply seek the genuine thoughts, aspirations, and concerns of the individuals she communicates with.


Once she finishes, gather her work and also make sure to discuss with her about her experience during the process. Aim to gain more than just basic information by asking about any surprises or inspirations, changes in her opinions, and insights she gained about her peers.

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