Parking Lot

2-40 people

A traditional business tool is utilized to maintain the focus and direction of meetings and workshops. While engaging in discussions, there may be questions that arise which are significant but not entirely pertinent to the current focus. These questions or issues are noted on a flipchart and set aside for later addressing. This approach guarantees that crucial questions are not overlooked and the group remains concentrated on the most relevant topics.

Workshop steps


Begin the meeting or workshop by informing the group that we'll be utilizing a "parking lot" technique to enhance our productivity. Place a big "P" on the top of a flipchart paper and attach it to a visible wall. Clarify that any unrelated points or questions raised during the session will be noted on a post-it and added to the flipchart paper. Encourage participants to contribute to the parking lot whenever necessary.


Utilize it during the entire meeting or workshop.


When the meeting or workshop is about to end, allocate time to discuss the parking lot points and questions with everyone. If any questions remain unresolved, ensure that either you or a group member takes responsibility for following up on them.

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