Optimize and Adapt for Scale

2-40 people

Getting ready for scaling up will usually involve making some adjustments or optimizations. As new users, partners, and funders come on board, their unique requirements, capabilities, and performance targets will need to be taken into account. Achieving a balance between maintaining the integrity of your human-centered solution and creating an efficient model for scaling often requires making some trade-offs. To achieve success, it's important to continually iterate through research, prototyping, and optimization to fine-tune your approach.

Workshop steps


Based on the scalability improvements discovered in the Exploring Scalability activity, determine the necessary adjustments and conduct tests. Along with focusing on your primary users, consider new distribution partners or frontline implementers. Ensure the solution is attractive, achievable, and sustainable for all stakeholders to maintain their engagement.


First, select your learning method. For minor adjustments, consider a fast Live Prototyping activity to confirm the alterations. For major changes, opt for Rapid Prototyping, conducting various speedy and rough tests on elements before finalizing the modifications to implement.


In the final stages, focus on enhancing the most effective parts of your solution and removing or modifying the less effective aspects. Ensure that these changes don't negatively impact the design elements that made your solution successful. List any potential risks and monitor them during the evaluation process.


Lastly, dedicate time to prepare comprehensive instructions for new implementation or distribution partners to efficiently launch your solution. Ensure top-notch training. Create a fresh Roadmap for Success together, so everyone is on the same page regarding scale objectives and milestones.

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