Myers-Briggs Team Reflection

2-40 people

Join us for a workshop that delves into personal characteristics and interpersonal connections through the Myers-Briggs personality model. This powerful tool will help you and your team gain a deeper understanding of yourselves and each other, both personally and professionally.

Workshop steps


Begin the workshop by allotting time for participants to take a version of the Myers-Briggs personality test. We recommend utilizing an online resource such as 16Personalities. Emphasize that the goal is not to label or dictate 'truths' about our personalities, but to serve as a starting point for introspection. This allows for conversations about varying motivators, styles, preferences, and so on.


Request each group member to individually contemplate their Myers-Briggs personality type. Next, encourage them to take turns discussing their thoughts on what resonates and what doesn't with the entire group. Once everyone has spoken, invite group members to offer their viewpoints while maintaining a respectful and supportive approach.


Split the group into pairs or trios and instruct them to delve deeper into each aspect of their personality type. Utilize the online test results and any additional resources you find helpful to aid their exploration. The dimensions to examine are: - intuition vs. sensing - introversion vs. extraversion - feeling vs. thinking - perception vs. judging


Spend 20-30 minutes exploring the personality dimensions, then gather everyone in the main group and encourage them to share their findings from the discussions. Conclude by asking each person to share one valuable insight they gained from the workshop.

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