My Daily P.A.C.T.

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To jumpstart your day with more intention, gratitude, joy, and transformation, try this solo exercise called My Daily P.A.C.T. It's especially important to prioritize well-being in today's remote and hybrid work environments. However, the definition and approach to well-being can vary across cultures and lifestyles. By reflecting on our purpose and values, monitoring our emotions, and increasing our self-awareness, we can use My Daily P.A.C.T. as a tool to stay positive, energized, and contribute to our organization and community.

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P: Take Back Your Power Every time something triggers you during the day (e.g. losing patience, getting angry, feeling embarrassed, or guilty), it's a sign from your higher self to dig deeper. Behind each emotion, there's a belief that influences it. Your emotional reaction to any situation is directly connected to a belief you hold (e.g. "Mistakes are not allowed" or "If you want something done right, do it yourself"). Some beliefs can keep us trapped in emotional states that don't benefit us. Why? Because emotions have energy, and this energy attracts similar energies. This can be compared to a self-fulfilling prophecy, where a prediction causes itself to come true. For instance, a constantly angry person will keep attracting situations that fuel their anger. Makes sense? While it's natural for humans to experience a range of emotions, it's better for us to focus on emotions like courage, willingness, love, and joy. When we're triggered and react negatively, it's important to dive into the feeling to understand what's really causing the reaction. By doing this, you'll discover the belief behind the emotion. Then, you can decide if you want to create a new belief that benefits you more. Changing beliefs can improve your emotional state and boost your energy. In this "higher energy state," you're more likely to attract positive and abundant experiences. To take back your power, answer these questions in your journal: What set me off today? How did I react? Why did I react that way? (keep asking "why" until you find the real reason, which will reveal a personal belief) How has this belief affected me? Can I change the belief to be more helpful? Do you notice a recurring trigger? Visualize the new belief in action. Feel the power it brings.


A: Embrace each experience Remember to cherish the moments that bring happiness and uplift your soul, as well as those that pose challenges. Showing appreciation (or gratitude) boosts your emotional energy. By practicing gratitude regularly, you strengthen your emotional foundation, which will be reflected in your surroundings. To cultivate appreciation daily, write down your thoughts in a journal by answering these questions: 1. What enjoyable moments did I experience today? (It could be as small as 5 minutes of sunshine or as big as getting a refund in the mail) 2. Why did I cherish that moment? How did it make me feel? 3. What difficulties did I face today? 4. Why were they challenging? 5. Can I regain my strength from this situation? 6. What lessons have I learned?


C: Commit to one full-body yes today A full-body yes means "my entire being agrees with this decision" - so there's no hesitation in pursuing it! As Anne Dillard famously said: "How we spend our days is how we spend our lives." To live a joyful life, start infusing joy into each day. Begin every day with the goal of doing something that brings happiness to your heart, increasing the chances of achieving it. In your journal, answer these questions to set joyful intentions: 1. What is one thing that feels like a full-body "yes" and will brighten my heart? (this can be as simple as 5 minutes of mindfulness or as significant as having dinner with a friend) 2. What can I eliminate that feels like a full-body "no" to make room for this? 3. Did I accomplish it? 4. If yes, how does it feel? 5. If not, what prevented me?


T: Observe the Changes Around You Take time to be still and quiet, as it allows us to learn and grow. Don't fill every moment with activities, but instead, give yourself space to breathe. Reflect on your day and pay attention to the small coincidences that happen. As you notice these events, you'll see signs of transformation. This will help you trust the power within yourself and the universe. In your journal, consider these questions: - What did I create for myself today? - Have I observed any changes in my mood, emotions, or energy? - What new ideas or motivations have come to me? - Are there any changes in my relationships? - What other transformations are happening?


Delight in discovering more about yourself! Keep in mind, leading a purposeful day will eventually result in leading a purposeful life.

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