Monitor and Evaluate

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As you prepare to launch your solution, it's important to have a solid plan in place for monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness. There are various methods for conducting M&E, but it's crucial to determine which metrics are most relevant to your specific situation. While it may be straightforward to measure financial success, promoting behavioral change or increasing service adoption may require a more nuanced approach. To ensure accurate measurement, it's advisable to have a team of experts on board. As you develop your plan, keep these factors in mind.

Workshop steps


Begin by considering the essential data for your current implementation stage. For Live Prototyping, gather data to understand what works and continue iterating, while in a larger Pilot, obtain robust evidence to acquire funding for scaling. Engage key partners and stakeholders in this discussion, as their insights and expertise can contribute to an effective M&E plan.


With your goals defined, proceed to create your perfect set of metrics through the Define Your Indicators activity. Aim for a mix of quantitative and qualitative effectiveness measures. Quantitative metrics help monitor progress towards targets, while qualitative user feedback provides deeper understanding of your solution's success or failure.


Insert your indicators into the M&E Framework worksheet and follow the columns to decide how to collect and use your data later. You may need to modify some indicators based on the data you can realistically gather. Keep in mind that outcomes may take time, so establish practical timelines for when specific results can be observed.


Currently, it's an ideal opportunity to evaluate if your team is the most appropriate to manage the M&E in practice. Consider hiring a specialized team to execute advanced measurement techniques, like surveys or experiments.


Revise and improve your M&E Framework as you modify your solution or adjust your data and evidence requirements.

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