MethodKit for Team Development

2-10 people

Despite the digital age, we still rely on analogue tools like whiteboards, flip charts, and notebooks for meetings and workshops. However, starting from scratch every time can be tedious. MethodKit offers a solution by providing essential elements to jumpstart your ideas and encourage creativity. The framework is flexible, allowing you to create whatever you desire. MethodKit for Team Development is an analogue tool that helps structure and organize teamwork for optimal effectiveness, creativity, and results. The kit includes a versatile set of cards that can be used in various ways, such as project kick-off workshops, team reflections, coaching sessions, and more.

Workshop steps


MethodKit is a versatile analog tool designed for meetings, workshops, or even personal idea generation. Each card in the kit serves as a flexible framework, representing different aspects such as goals, team, budget, and roles & responsibilities. There are no specific rules or player limits for using MethodKit decks. To use MethodKit, simply arrange the cards to help define and structure your thoughts. Utilize them for discussions, planning, and organization. These cards act as building blocks, providing a visual overview of your project or team, helping you identify priorities and gaps. They are suitable for idea development, coaching sessions, client meetings, workshops, and meeting facilitation. Feel free to apply the various techniques below individually or in collaboration with your team.


ORGANIZE Organizing offers a simple method for making choices or identifying concepts. Items belong to one of two groups. This can be applied to, for instance, comprehend... The project's range Meeting agenda Determining priorities and non-priorities


Mind Map Utilize the cards as titles to organize your thoughts and concepts. Place a variety of cards on the wall and collaboratively create lists beneath each card.


FOCUS ON PRIORITIES Lay out the cards on a table or wall. Determine the crucial ones. For group settings, allow each member to select one or more cards and contribute to the "Topics to Discuss" section.


GROUPING Gather your thoughts by sticking post-it notes around various cards on a table, wall, or whiteboard. Talk about their connections, illustrate with arrows or position them suitably, following a mind-map style.


GROUP ALIGNMENT Talk about the significance of various aspects. Position the cards you disagree with between the less important and more important groups.


TIMELINE Construct a visual timeline on the wall that showcases a project or work duration for the team. Determine the focus and sequence by organizing chosen cards on the timeline.

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