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Mash-Ups and Analogous Inspiration share a common approach of isolating the specific quality needed for a solution. However, Mash-Ups are more of a mental exercise that involves asking bold and unconventional questions to accelerate the thinking process. For instance, when designing a healthy school lunch, one might ask, "What would a farmer's market cafeteria look like?" Similarly, to make financial services more social, one could ask, "How can we create a savings account that is like Facebook?" The key is to incorporate real-world examples of the desired quality into the design process.

Workshop steps


Begin by identifying the key attribute you want to incorporate into your solution, such as efficiency, speed, cleanliness, or glamour. This is the most challenging aspect of Mash-Ups. Jot it down on a Post-it note and stick it on the wall.


Once you've achieved the desired quality, think of practical examples of companies, brands, and services that represent that quality.


Next, incorporate your brand into your challenge and pose your Mash-Up question.


Begin with your Mash-Up question and imagine how it would appear in the context you're designing for. Jot down all your ideas on Post-its and display them on the wall.

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