10-40 people

This high-energy activity is a quick and powerful way to boost group morale. Participants stand in a circle and shout "Maaaah..." as it travels around the group, growing louder and louder until it culminates in a thunderous "RIMBA!"

Workshop steps


Form a circle with the group members.


Begin with one person extending their arms straight towards the center of the circle, slightly bending their knees, and loudly exclaiming "Maaaaaaaahh...!" As they continue the sound, the person next to them imitates the action and sound, followed by the next person, and so on. Everyone keeps shouting "Maaaaaaaahh...!" until the circle is complete and returns to the person who started. At this point, the initiator raises their hands in the air and concludes the shout with a powerful "...RIMBA!" The entire group should perform this final sound and motion simultaneously, creating a rumbling sensation on the floor. If the group struggles to synchronize the ending initially, try repeating the activity several times.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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