Love Your Neighbour?

10-40 people

This lively and engaging group activity involves sitting in a circle with one person in the center. The individual in the middle poses various questions that prompt participants to swiftly stand up and scramble to secure a new seat. As a result, one person is always left without a seat. The game is fast-paced, physically demanding, and sure to elicit laughter. It's an excellent way to foster group cohesion or inject some energy into a gathering.

Workshop steps


Gather everyone to sit in a circle on chairs, with one less chair than the total number of people. Start with one person standing in the center. This person will ask someone seated in the circle, "Do you love your neighbor?".


The person responds with either YES or NO. If they say YES, the individuals on their left and right must swap seats. The middle person's goal is to grab a seat during the switch. One person will be left without a seat. If they say NO, they must add "But I love people..." and include a trait relevant to the group, like "No, but I love people with long hair" or "No, but I love people who speak French." Everyone with that trait must find a new seat. There will always be someone in the middle, and the process repeats. The twist: Whenever an empty seat appears to the left, quickly sit in it. This causes a chain reaction, making it harder to find an available seat.


Finish the activity before it hits its peak, while the group is still enjoying and laughing. Usually, this takes around 7 - 10 rounds.

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