Live Prototyping

2-40 people

While you may have received feedback from your target audience throughout the design process, a Live Prototype allows you to test your entire solution in real-world scenarios. This testing period can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and it provides the opportunity to observe how all components of your solution function as a cohesive system. Similar to a Pilot, Live Prototypes require real-time troubleshooting and iterations during testing. The primary goal of Live Prototypes is to assess the feasibility and viability of your solution, enabling you to optimize it further.

Workshop steps


Begin by identifying what you aim to learn from your Live Prototype. Consider any unresolved questions about your solution's ability to reach its target audience, as well as its feasibility and effectiveness. Reflect on the uncertainties that emerged during your Theory of Change activity.


After establishing your learning objectives, proceed to define the scope of your live prototype. Consider the duration required to gather sufficient data and the number of locations for testing. Keep in mind that a smaller live prototype is preferable, as it will likely require further iterations to refine your solution.


Explore the Monitor and Evaluate activity to assist you in pinpointing essential indicators and data gathering instruments required. Also, contemplate the logistics of your Live Prototype. Determine if you need a physical location, extra personnel, uniforms, a permit, or any other necessities.


When possible, consider running multiple Live Prototypes simultaneously. This enables rapid testing of different solution variations.


Continue iterating. If an issue arises on Day 1, implement a different strategy on Day 2. Focus on rapidly learning, adjusting in real-time, and advancing your solution with Live Prototypes. This accelerates your progress towards a significant solution, preparing it for advanced testing in a Pilot.

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