10-40 people

During this brief group challenge, individuals are required to arrange themselves in a line based on a specific criterion, such as height, without using verbal communication. This exercise encourages nonverbal communication and teamwork. It can be utilized in the initial stages of group formation with simpler variations, while more intricate versions can be employed to challenge well-established groups.

Workshop steps


Instruct the group to arrange themselves in a height sequence, from tallest to shortest, without speaking.


Try the activity multiple times, increasing the difficulty with tasks like: 1. Arrange yourselves based on hair or eye color (from lightest to darkest) 2. Organize by birthdate (from youngest to oldest) 3. Sort by birthplace (from farthest to closest) For an even greater challenge, attempt any of the tasks while blindfolded. The group will need to rely on physical touch or clapping to complete the task. This version takes longer and should include a reflection at the end.


Revise the text to maintain the structure, while making it straightforward and easy to follow.

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