Letter to Myself

2-40 people

Typically conducted towards the conclusion of a workshop or program, this activity aims to assist attendees in implementing their newfound knowledge and understanding. Participants are encouraged to compose a letter addressed to their future selves, outlining specific actions they hope to undertake and explaining the rationale behind their desired changes.

Workshop steps


Distribute pens and postcards or writing paper to everyone. Inform them that they will be composing a letter addressed to their future selves, which will aid in implementing the knowledge and lessons gained from the workshop or program. Mention that you will mail the cards or letters in a specific number of months, and they should consider this when writing. Feel free to discuss and decide on the timeframe as a group.


Create a focus question or prompt on a flipchart/whiteboard. You can define these yourself or discuss with the group. Some examples include: - What do I want to accomplish by X date? - What tasks will I tackle tomorrow, next week, and next month? - How do I currently feel about my work/job/team, and how do I want to feel in the future? - Remember to… - I want to make a change because… Allow approximately 10 minutes for participants to finish their cards/letters. Provide more time if needed and if your schedule allows.


Gather the cards/letters, store them securely, and send them on the designated date.

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