Lego Challenge

10-40 people

The team-building exercise involves constructing a Lego structure as a group, but with a twist - each member has a secret task that adds complexity to the collaborative effort. This activity highlights the importance of effective communication, leadership, conflict resolution, cooperation, patience, and problem-solving skills.

Workshop steps


Divide participants into groups of 5-7 people. Have each group sit at a table with a box of Lego. Instruct participants to avoid touching the Lego until the activity starts.


Follow these steps: 1. As a group, you need to construct a structure using the provided Lego bricks. 2. Each of you will receive a piece of paper containing your specific task. Do not share or discuss your task with your teammates. 3. You have 20 minutes to complete the structure. No talking is allowed while building. 4. Keep constructing until the time runs out. I will inform you when the time is up.


Distribute the "tasks" to each participant (refer to the list below). Remind them not to reveal their task to others. Tasks Print and cut these into paper strips for distribution. 1. You can only assemble bricks in the first 3 layers of the building. 2. Ensure layers 3 and 4 have only yellow bricks, and layers 2 and 6 have exactly eight bricks. 3. You can only assemble bricks in rows 5 and 6 of the building. 4. Ensure no more than eight bricks are used in the 3rd and 5th layers of the building. 5. You are the group leader. 6. Ensure the building doesn't exceed eight layers. If the eighth layer is reached, make sure they continue building below. 7. Ensure bricks in layers 1, 6, and 8 don't have the same color when placed next to each other. 8. Ensure you and two others are the only ones building in layers 4 and 8. 9. Ensure a maximum of 3 participants assemble bricks in layers 4 and 7. 10. Ensure only red bricks are used in the 2nd and 5th layers of the building. 11. Ensure the first layer (layer 1) has exactly 10 bricks.


After assigning tasks to everyone, initiate the timer and allow participants to commence. If necessary, gently remind them that talking is prohibited during the construction phase.


In 20 minutes, instruct participants to cease constructing. Encourage them to predict the "tasks" assigned to their fellow group members. Clarify that they can now reveal their hidden tasks to one another.


In the final step, discuss the activity by reflecting on the group's collaboration. Consider these reflection questions: 1. What occurred during the task? 2. How well did we function as a group? 3. How did the experience affect my emotions? 4. How did I act/respond/react? 5. What did I discover about myself? 6. What did I learn about working in groups? 7. How can I use the insights gained from this activity? Additional questions: 8. How did leadership dynamics appear within the team? 9. What enabled communication without words? 10. How does this relate to your daily job situation? Consider these hypothetical scenarios: - What if you knew the leader's identity and understood their tasks and yours? - What if you tried to listen more to each other? - What if you used different body language? - What if everyone knew each other's tasks?

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