Journey Map

2-40 people

Utilize this uncomplicated framework to analyze crucial moments in your customer's journey with your solution. Reflect on how your customer first discovers your solution, how they decide to give it a try, their initial interaction and engagement, how they may become a loyal user, and how the solution can ultimately transform their life. Additionally, consider how satisfied customers can spread the word about your idea. By creating a Journey Map, you can visualize the entire customer experience.

Workshop steps


Begin with a basic concept for your potential solution - perhaps one you jotted down on a sticky note during a brainstorming session or an idea that surfaced from an initial, rough prototype you'd like to investigate more.


Begin with a brief 1-2 word headline capturing the key engagement moment(s) for your user on a Post-it. Avoid detailed descriptions—focus on a snapshot instead. For instance: Initial product encounter.


Next, jot down the names of any other significant moments on individual Post-it notes. Consider other individuals or elements that impact the user at this point. You recognized several of these during the Define Your Audience exercise when you outlined the user's surrounding ecosystem. The quantity of touchpoints you pinpoint might differ for each concept, but aim to concentrate on a maximum of 3-5. Think about what could be most crucial for the person you're designing for.


Arrange the Post-its in a sequence that reflects your user's likely experience, and modify your initial Journey Map as needed by adding, removing, rearranging, and updating the crucial moments.


Afterwards, utilize this Journey Map as an initial step to assist in deciding what to prototype, informing a detailed storyboard, or beginning to develop a role play.

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