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The Inspiration phase heavily relies on interviews. Human-centered design involves connecting with the people you are designing for and listening to their own words. Although interviews may seem intimidating, following the steps below can reveal valuable insights and understanding that cannot be obtained from simply sitting at a desk. It is recommended to conduct interviews in the interviewee's environment whenever possible. This allows for a deeper understanding of their mindset, behavior, and lifestyle.

Workshop steps


Limit the number of research team members attending a single interview to three, to avoid overwhelming the participant or overcrowding the location. Assign a specific role to each team member, such as interviewer, note-taker, or photographer.


Arrive ready with a list of questions to ask. Begin with general inquiries about the individual's life, principles, and routines, then move on to more detailed questions directly connected to your issue.


Ensure you accurately record the individual's words, rather than interpreting their meaning. The focus should be on capturing their precise statements. If using a translator, emphasize the need for direct quotations instead of summarizing the interviewee's words.


The individual's words are just a single piece of information. Make sure to pay attention to their body language and the situation during your conversation.

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