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During the Inspiration Phase, it is important to listen to and comprehend the experiences of the individuals you are designing for. The most effective way to gain this understanding is by engaging with them in person, where they reside, work, and carry out their daily routines. Once you are in their environment, there are numerous methods to observe their behavior. You can spend a day shadowing them, have them explain their decision-making process, or simply observe them as they cook, socialize, or visit the doctor - whatever is pertinent to your project.

Workshop steps


When developing a Project Plan, allocate sufficient time and funds for team members to visit and interact with the target audience. If feasible, arrange a homestay experience.


Upon arrival, carefully observe everything. Accurately document what you see and hear. Avoid making interpretations before fully understanding the situation. Ensure you note specific details and quotes, as well as your personal impressions.


An effective immersion strategy involves spending a day with the individual you're designing for. Inquire about their life, decision-making process, and observe them as they interact, work, and unwind.


In case you have limited time for Immersion, you can still gain valuable insights by shadowing someone for a few hours. Carefully observe the individual's environment, as it can teach you a great deal.

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