IDOARRT Meeting Design

2-40 people

IDOARRT is a straightforward tool that assists in leading productive meetings or group processes by establishing a distinct purpose, structure, and objectives from the outset. Its primary objective is to ensure that all participants comprehend every aspect of the meeting or process, thereby fostering a sense of psychological safety within the group. The acronym represents Intention, Desired Outcome, Agenda, Rules, Roles and Responsibilities, and Time.

Workshop steps


Before the meeting or process, create an online slide for remote workshops or a flipchart for in-person sessions, covering all IDOARRT points as follows: 1. Intention - Clearly state the meeting's purpose or intention. Why is it being held? 2. Desired Outcomes - List specific outcomes to be achieved by the end of the meeting. 3. Agenda - Outline the activities and their order to help the group reach the desired outcomes. 4. Roles - Identify roles and responsibilities needed for a smooth meeting, such as facilitator, participants, documenter, and timekeeper. Clarify expectations for participants. 5. Rules - Establish guidelines for the meeting, including group norms, app usage, and learning space rules. Allow participants to contribute rules for shared ownership. 6. Time - Set the expected meeting duration, including breaks, and specify the end time.


Start the meeting by presenting the IDOARRT, discussing each point in detail. Encourage attendees to ask questions or offer suggestions. When everyone is satisfied with the plan, proceed with the remainder of the meeting.


For an online session, you have the option to either design your own template or utilize the Hyper Island/Miro template. Access the Hyper Island template on Miro Watch a Hyper Island video for guidance on using it. Click to view a larger image

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