How Might We

2-40 people

After identifying problem areas through themes and insights, it's time to reframe your insights as How Might We questions. This approach transforms challenges into design opportunities. The How Might We format is preferred because it implies that a solution is achievable and allows for diverse answers. A well-crafted How Might We question doesn't propose a specific solution, but instead provides a framework for creative thinking.

Workshop steps


Begin with examining the insight statements you've developed. Attempt to rephrase them into questions by incorporating "How might we" at the start.


Aim to identify design opportunities, and if your insights propose multiple How Might We questions, that's fantastic.


Examine your "How Might We" question and ensure it permits multiple solutions. If not, expand it. Your "How Might We" should produce various potential answers and serve as a starting point for your brainstorming sessions.


In conclusion, ensure that your How Might We's are not overly broad. It can be challenging, but an effective How Might We should provide a sufficiently narrow framework to guide the beginning of your brainstorm, while also allowing ample space for exploring unconventional ideas.

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