Hot Air Balloon

2-10 people

An excellent way to start any workshop is by using the hot air balloon technique. This metaphorical approach helps to identify strengths, weaknesses, external factors, stakeholders, and goals in a straightforward and organized manner. What makes it unique is that it takes you on an imaginary journey, encouraging you to think beyond your usual thought patterns, rather than relying on a tedious matrix. Simply gather all participants and guide them through the process step-by-step to collect their input.

Workshop steps


Consider External Factors Take into account all external forces that may affect our hot air balloon's trajectory, whether they pose threats or offer opportunities. These usually include legislative, social, or technological changes beyond our control.


Address Sandbags Tackle the internal obstacles and vulnerabilities that are holding us back and weighing us down.


Warm Strengths The warm strengths encompass all the positive aspects within our organization, our product, and everything under our control that can provide us with a competitive edge.


Passengers These include all the internal stakeholders who impact the course of our hot air balloon, and in this context, our project.


Target Audience Our target audience includes all potential users of our product or service, as well as external stakeholders interested in our progress. We aim to serve and engage with these observers effectively.


Dream Destination: Paradise Island Our aim is to achieve this ideal location within the next 5 to 10 years. What does our envisioned future look like?


Actionable Steps Refer to Image Follow the hot air balloon's direction, as it represents the steps we must take to reach Paradise Island. Be mindful of everything we know today, as it will help us find and arrive at our destination.

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