Hello Kitty

2-40 people

This is a quick and easy group game that revolves around making each other smile. The game involves players taking turns as either 'kitties' or 'puppies'. The objective of the puppies is to make the kitties laugh or smile. The last kitty standing is declared the winner. This game is an original creation of The Northern Quarter Agency.

Workshop steps


Begin by creating a line down the center of the room using masking tape. Divide the group into two equal parts, positioning them on opposite sides of the line. Designate one side as kittens and the other as puppies.


Kittens are unable to smile or laugh. Puppies should greet the kittens using any method they can, attempting to elicit a smile or laugh from them. Puppies must not cross the floor line, but all other actions are permitted.


Whenever a kitten grins or chuckles, it instantly transforms into a puppy and needs to move to the opposite side of the line. Keep going until just one kitten remains standing, claiming victory!

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