Guided Tour

2-40 people

During a brainstorm or synthesis session, there is usually a lot of activity involving charts, drawings, cartoons, and words. While some individuals may be more inclined to express themselves visually, it is beneficial for everyone to think in this way. Visualizing ideas makes them more concrete and helps to clarify thoughts for the team. Even a basic representation of an idea can be useful for others to understand and expand upon. It is important to not only limit visual thinking to pictures, but to also consider sculpting, building, collaging, or any other method that can effectively convey your ideas.

Workshop steps


Coordinate with the person you're designing for to receive a Guided Tour of their home or workplace. Be aware of cultural and gender dynamics during your visit, and ensure you have complete permission before going.


Bring only two team members - one for asking questions and the other for note-taking. Carefully observe the visited space, the rituals performed, wall decorations, its users, and location. These are all crucial pieces of information.


Ensure to obtain permission before capturing photos.


Inquire about the individual's routines and area. What are the reasons behind her actions? Identify who utilizes the space, the location of items, and the rationale behind the organization.

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