Group Interview

2-40 people

While a Group Interview may not provide the same level of insight as an individual interview conducted in someone's home, it can still offer valuable insights into the behavior of a larger group of people you are designing for. The most effective Group Interviews aim to gather diverse opinions and ensure that everyone's voice is heard, while also being strategic about the composition of the group. For instance, an all-female group may provide unique insights into the role of women in a society that a mixed group may not. If you want to quickly gain a better understanding of what is important to a community, Group Interviews are an excellent starting point.

Workshop steps


Determine the type of group you wish to interview. To gain specific insights, arrange the group in a way that maximizes your chances of obtaining the desired information.


Organize the Group Interview in a neutral location, ideally a common community area that is accessible to individuals of all ages, races, and genders.


During a Group Interview, ensure that one individual is responsible for posing questions, while other team members focus on taking notes and recording the group's responses.


Arrive ready with a plan to involve the less talkative group members. This could involve directly asking them questions or figuring out methods to temporarily quiet down the more outspoken participants.


Conducting group interviews is an excellent approach to determine potential candidates for in-depth collaboration during a Co-Creation Session.

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