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2-40 people

Gathering feedback on your concepts and prototypes is a crucial aspect of the Ideation Phase, as it ensures that your project remains focused on the needs of your target audience. This approach also increases the likelihood of creating a product that will be embraced by those same individuals. When testing an idea with a prototype, obtaining input from potential users is the key to making progress.

Workshop steps


Once you have a prototype ready, present it to your target audience. You can use various methods, such as organizing a group interview, conducting interviews at markets, discussing the prototype with an expert, or hosting a co-creation session to gather feedback.


Obtaining genuine feedback is essential. Individuals might compliment your prototype just to be polite, so reassure them that this is merely a learning tool and that you appreciate honest, even negative feedback.


Distribute to numerous individuals to obtain diverse responses. Revisit Extremes and Mainstreams to ensure you're encompassing a wide range of potential users.


Jot down the feedback you receive and seize this chance to engage with your target audience by asking more questions and advancing your ideas.

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